LOOKING FOR 100 PHOTOGRAPHERS - SUMMER 2017 - selection Europe

Il Gruppo Digitale Torino Italia Tourism

Company Description

IL GRUPPO DIGITALE is looking for people, with or without photographic experience, to insert in 87

renowned resorts in italy,French,Spain,Portugal,Greece,Guadalupe,Dominican

Republic,Mexico,Malesia,Maldives .

Tour Operators as Club Med,Alpitour,Veratour,Delphina,I Grandi Viaggi,Iberostar,H10,Princess,Royalton




 In Italy the company offer a fixed-term contract (minimum two months)with a fixed remuneration

plus bonus on the sales targets

 abroad we make you a local contract of minimum 5-6 months

 full-time job

 the remuneration for the first season varies from a minimum of 800 euro gross 8(without

experience or with a minimum photographic experience)to a maximum of 1300 euro

gross(responsible for photographers)monthly ,concerned of advanced commissions .Plus you will

have a incentive in terms of percentage on the total turnover ,made by the team.

The advanced commission represents the remuneration guaranteed ,and will be paid

independently how the season going ;to add bonus on the sales targets.

 possible a contractual renewal after the first contract.

 The company gives :food, accommodation and transfer ,injury insurance (abroad)and photographic





 good predisposition to public relations

 realization of dynamic and emotional shoots remembering the vacation

 promotion commercial activity


 knowledge foreign language

 minimum 3 months availability

 passion for photograph

 dynamic

 outgoing

 care of the image

 predisposition for team working

 maximum 35 years old

 enthusiasm and sympathy

Other information


Our selection is divided in three steps.

 send the application

 after a rating of your CV, you will be contact from our recruiting staff for a first calling selection, if

you are consider suitable, you will be invited in one of the nearest city selections for a first


 If the outcome is positive you will participate to a further selection of two days in our office in

Turin, where we will have simulations of selling and a informative meeting.The cost of this step of

selection is in charge of the company as well as the food and sleeping for the people coming

outside Turin, the only thing you will pay is the transfer from and to Turin.